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Project TBA is a folk rock collective fronted by New York actor/singer/songwriter Adam James Muskin (guitars/vocals) in collaboration with musicians Michael Kistanov (guitars/vocals), Alex Milovanov (bass), Layna Sherry (keyboards/vocals), Vladimir Rozdin (drums), Vladimir Nelinov (percussion) and Natalia Khmelevskaya (cello) from Moscow. 


Project TBA plays a variety of music ranging from blues inspired ballads to acoustic rock, combining original hits with covers of Eric Clapton, Neil Young, and The Smiths to name a few. The acronym “TBA” stands for “To Be Announced” in English, representing both the diverse range of the music they perform while also encouraging audience participation; at each concert, the band takes name suggestions, choosing the best one to be the name of the group at their next performance.


The band performs concerts in two different formats. First, there is the 'full-band'; big drums and powerful electric guitars in a full folk-rock show based on the studio sessions. Also, the band performs 'Lite' concerts, where the volume of the full show is traded in for an acoustic set. 'Lite' concerts are generally set to candlelight, full of stories and warmth. 


Adam moved from his home in New York City to attend the acting department at The Moscow Art Theater School in 2001. After graduating, he eventually found his home on the airwaves of Russia’s capital as a radio host. Today he is also known as one half of the KMAJ show on Radio Maximum, alongside his co-host Kostya Mikhailov weekday evenings.

“I went to acting school and have been involved in theater for over half my life,” Adam says. “So I’ve always thought of myself as more of a performer than a musician. Music and songwriting was always a hobby of mine that I took seriously, but never really expected to take off. So in many ways it’s a wild dream come true that people come out to hear these tunes and take some personal meaning away from them. It brings me great joy.” 


“The musicians in the band are all top-notch. Most of them have their own projects, they didn’t really need this one. It’s really an honor to make music with them, they help me immensely. I don’t know what Project TBA would be without them. We're definitely all in this together.”

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